The MATRIX is a library of 3d models and pictures designed for scientific visualization. We have provided thousands of original materials for drafters to choose, covering mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials, biomedicine and so on. For new users, you need to register a personal account before using. Source files can be downloaded after payment with points or cash. Some common drawing elements like arrows, signs and logos, magnification symbols, lights and lightnings, can be downloaded for free.

The source materials in MATRIX are divided into six categories, namely, biomedicine, atoms and molecules, micro-nano structure, device and equipment, natural elements and academic materials. There are more than 300 subcategories under the main category, and in each subcategory, different labels are set according to the characteristics of the source material itself, so that you can find the required material accurately. The pictures shown below are some material cases. Click to go to the download page.

The materials provided by MATRIX library are made in strict accordance with scientific standards, with the fundamental purpose of explaining scientific problems and expressing scientific ideas. The material format is mainly 3D (including c4d, max, obj, fbx, etc.), and three options are provided according to different needs: transparent background pictures, 3D general models, and 3D source files. In addition, there are also ppt, psd, ai and other commonly used scientific research format files in the gradual expansion.

There is an interactive 360 degree preview for each 3D model on the web. You can observe the model from all directions, not just the visible part shown in the final rendered picture. It should be reminded that most of the models only have base materials (color and reflection), the effect of the final rendered images are obtained under the calculation mode of global illumination, and users need to reset it in your own 3D software when rendering. These problems do not exist for 2D images.